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St. Jude's Convent School

Normally a Christian school or any Christian Institution for that matter is named after a particular saint, as its patron saint. This is done not only to place the school or the institution under the special patronage and protection of that particular saint, but also to realize, in the institution concerned, the special qualities and virtues of the patron saint.
St. Jude the patron saint of our school was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. When Jesus began his public life here on earth, he gathered a selected group of disciples to know him and live with him, so that after his death and resurrection the disciples could go out into the whole world spreading his message of love and forgiveness.

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Principal's Desk

I have great pleasure in welcoming your to St.Jude's Convent school in this new academic year. A new academic year is always a challenging as well as an exciting time for the staff and also the students. Stay Home, Stay Safe. We can beat it together. #COVID-19


Director's Desk

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity! No matter how much fall on us, we keep plowing ahead. That's the only one way to keep the roads clear. We are in this together- And we can get through this together. Stay Home, Stay Safe. We can beat it together. #COVID-19