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General Hints to help you to study better

Take up first the subject you most dislike; once you have done this, the rest of your work will be easy.

Do not hesitate to ask your teacher or your clever companions things you do not grasp clearly. Never leave difficulties unanswered as this will put you into greater difficulty later.

To make sure that you have understood something thoroughly use these” tricks” :
a) Pretend that you are explaining the lesson to another; see if you can do it well.
b) Make yourself your own teacher and question yourself and answer honestly (don’t cheat!)

Do not continue working when you are tired; walk around the garden or talk to a friend or have some other pleasant interruption, but only long enough to refresh your mind and come back to finish your lessons and not to waste the time.

Get enough exercise every day: It keeps the mind fresh.

Do not cut down necessary sleep in order to study; it will hurt you later on.

One should not get into disputes and conflicts and unhealthy friendships. Such things will vitiate your mind from studies.

Do not get addicted to Mobile software applications like Face book, what sap, twitter, etc.

Do not brood over the past failures or of things you could not do, but look forward to the manifold opportunities lie ahead.

Lastly, but most importantly pray often to the All-wise and All-knowing God to help you make progress in your studies.


All should look upon their teachers/superiors as mothers/fathers and their school-mates as brothers/sisters.

Respect every teacher whether of your own class or not. Be grateful towards those who taught you in the past. Show your teachers those exterior signs of reverence to which they are entitled, such as greeting them whenever you meet them.

Be convinced that your teachers deeply feel their serious obligation of promoting your welfare in the best way possibly they can, and that in advising, commanding and correcting you, they have nothing else in view other than seeing you growing up as a good and respectable person in future.

After piety, study is the most praiseworthy duty of a student. Therefore, your first occupation must consist in doing the tasks assigned to you by your teachers.

Always get up from your seat as a sign of respect when your teachers enter the class and again when they leave. If they delay in coming, do not make any noise, but wait for them in your places in silence reviewing your lesson or reading some good books.

During the class when the teacher is engaged in teaching avoid whispering or interrupting.


Strive to edify your school-mates by your good example at all times. In fact no sermon is more efficacious than good example.

Never make fun of those who are weak in their studies or not so quick to grasp their lessons. Let there be no ridiculing of anyone on account of his/her physical defects. What you laugh at or despise in others may someday befall you.