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The transportation safety of the children is of at most concern for all of us. Therefore we request the parents to consider seriously the following terms and conditions and take the necessary safety measures.

a) The school does not own adequate number of its own vehicles for the safe transportation of all the children taking admission in this school. Therefore the parents must get the help of private vehicle operators for the transportation of their children.

b) While choosing the private vehicles the parents are requested to choose only those vehicles which ply in conformity with the “Safe School Vahan Policy” of the Government for the safety of their children.

c) Concerning the implementation of the “Safe school Vahan Policy” the school administration has been fully endorsing the ruling of the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana and the instructions from the transportation department of the state by instructing the parents, students, the private vehicle owners, operators, and drivers to comply strictly with the policy norms.

d) An office order has been issued by the Principal to all the vehicle operators and the parents, instructing them to comply with the “Safe School Vahan Policy”.

e)The parents should sign a self-declaration at the time of taking admission of their children, stating that they would choose only those vehicles which comply with the “safe school vahan scheme” for the transportation of their children.

f) A school transportation committee has been set up in the school to call the vehicle owners and drivers to instruct them periodically and to inspect their vehicles regularly to forewarn the defaulters. The committee will report to the competent Government authority the details of the vehicles which do not comply with traffic safety measures. The parents must cooperate with the School transportation committee.

g) The school has officially banned all the defaulting transporters from transporting the students to this school. Parents are requested not to engage such vehicles to transport your children.