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Code of Conduct for the Parents, Students and Teachers.


1. Prior to seeking admission to this school the parents are instructed to be familiar with the prospectus of the school. They must read and study the terms and conditions, rules and regulations and the code of conduct for the students and parents who will be associated with this school. Ignorance of the rules and regulations, terms and conditions will not in any way justify its violation.

2. All those who seek admission of their students in this school are bound to sign an affidavit after going through the prospectus of the school that they are willing to abide by the terms and conditions inscribed in it as a precondition for taking the admission.

3. The school is established, owned and administered by the Diocese of Jalandhar, registered charitable society, primarily to cater to the educational needs of its minority community members. Therefore the parents who take admission of their students in this school should respect the right of the Christian minority community members who play a major and primary role in the administration of the school.

4. Being an unaided minority educational institution its administration is entirely with the Christian minority registered society as per the provisions of the Supreme constitution of India.

5. The school enjoys its administrative freedom as provided by the Supreme Constitution of India in its Articles 29, 30 (1) which grants autonomy of administrative powers to minority educational institutions.

6. Admissions of students, fee structure, appointment, disciplinary action against the employees, dismissal of the employees, etc. are as per the administrative powers endowed on the minority institutions in conformity with the provisions of the Supreme Constitution of India, for minority educational institutions.

7. The school welcomes any suggestion and advice which is positive and constructive for the welfare of the children and better functioning of the school. But however the management reserves its right to accept or reject such suggestions. It is left to the prerogative of the management to implement such suggestions remaining within the administrative purview of the minority rights. The school is not bound to respond to the demands of any self-made associations or groups or even to the associations of parents and to their demands; but would be listening to the individual parents and their wards during the parents- teachers meetings.

8. Being an unaided minority private school the administration of the school is entirely under the provisions of the Articles 29 & 30 (1) of the Supreme Constitution of India which grants autonomy to the minorities to administer its own educational institutions without undue interference from any unconstitutional external forces.

9. Those parents who cause any agitation and incite others to do so against the school or join with any anti-social element to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the school forfeit the right to continue teaching their children in this school. Their children will be rusticated without giving any other reason. On special request their children may be allowed to complete the current academic session provided the school is given legal guarantee by submitting a written undertaking by the parents through the proper legal procedure, that the atmosphere of the school will not be disturbed for the sake of the majority of children studying in the school. The children of such parents will be issued the TC along with the final result of the academic year. The same will be applicable to the students who commit the similar offence.

10. The parents must sign a self- declaration at the time of taking admission of their children that they would send them only by such transportation which is run in accordance with the “safe-school vahan” policy of the Government to ensure the safety of their children. Any parent in connivance with private vehicle operators defy the “safe school vahan” policy of the government and send their children in vehicles which do not conform to the safety measures will be issued notice and subsequently will be asked to change the mode of transportation or withdraw their students from the school, for the sake of their safety.

11. Parents are strictly forbidden to send their children to the school by vehicles which do not run in compliance with the traffic regulations of Hon'ble Punjab and Haryana high court on children's safety. The school issues permission to ferry the children only to those vehicle owners who have submitted their legal documents to the school in compliance with the Hon'ble high court order.

12. Since the school does not own adequate number of its own vehicles for the transportation of all the students who take admission in this school, the parents are instructed to make their own arrangements with private vehicle owners or transporters. However, they must make sure that such vehicles are being operated in compliance with the safety measures ordered by the Government. The school management gives approval to those vehicle owners who run the vehicles in conformity with the “safe school vahan” policy of the government.

13. The Transportation of the children to and from the School is a collective responsibility of all stake holders. The school-management cannot be held solely responsible for the safety of the children during their transportation, especially in case of private transporters with whom the parents have made agreement without any consultation with the school authority. In such cases the matter should be dealt with the concerned Government authorities, and the school management should not be unjustly dragged into controversies which would adversely affect the peaceful teaching atmosphere of the school.

14. The management has the right to take disciplinary action against students/parents who do not comply with school-rules and requirements.

15. The parents are requested to contact the school office in the month of March, before the beginning of the new academic year to know the fee structure of the coming year. Every year the school is constrained to enhance its fee structure, remaining within the limits permitted by the competent authority, as the school does not receive any financial aid from the Government.

16. Being an unaided minority educational institution, the school is not bound to constitute a Parents association with members from the majority community to be involved in the administrative matters of the school. However, the school has its own arrangements to know the minds of the parents through the PTM (parents teachers’ meeting) being conducted in regular intervals, and through the Local Managing Committee meetings in which the parents’ and teachers’ representatives are nominated.

17. All major decisions of administrative matters are taken by the Governing Body of the registered society which runs the school in consultation with the Local Managing Committee in which the representatives of the parents and teachers are members.

18. Parents and guardians are not permitted to walk into class-rooms or interview teachers without the permission of the Principal.

19. All letters and correspondence addressed to pupils are subject to the scrutiny of the Principal. Involvement of a student in any unhealthy friendship or indecent relationship with a person of the opposite or even the same sex, or any remarks, commends, jokes, exchanging of letters, sexually nuanced gestures etc. through verbal, textual, graphic or electronic media, of demeaning nature that goes against sexual modesty, will be treated as very serious offence and those involved will be asked to discontinue studies in this school with immediate effect, after due enquiries through the internal complaint committee.

20. The school is not responsible for articles or money lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles (like expensive watches, fountain pens etc.) to school. Pupils below V Std. are advised not to wear costly wrist watches in the school.

21. Parents are requested to refrain from disturbing the teaching staff of the school with any school matters outside the school hours, unless the matter is of very serious and urgent in nature. Phone calls or visit to the families of the teaching or non-teaching staff at odd hours which disturb their private family life is absolutely forbidden; and legal procedures will be initiated against those parents who violate the rules. All school matters relating to their students should be dealt with during the school hours only, preferably with prior appointment.

22. Disciplinary Action: Since the school management has strictly instructed its staff to avoid all kinds of corporal punishments, it has become the dire need to discipline the students only with the co-operation of the parents. Therefore it has been decided that on any serious in- disciplinary behaviour of a student “Letter of Information€ will be sent to the concerned parents. The parents must then visit the school and discuss the matter with the Principal or the class-teacher and find a solution to discipline the child. If a child does not improve after three such interventions of sending the ‘Letter of information and giving corrections to improve, the student may be asked to discontinue his studies in this school, in consultation with the parents in the light of the information letter. Periodical Reports and the Report Book will keep the Parents/Guardians informed of the progress of their students. These reports are to be signed and returned in time as per the information supplied through the school diary.

23. Special classes, sports and games, cultural and literary activities may be organized on Saturdays as and when required. Participation will be deemed compulsory, in such cases.

24. Co-curricular activities and outdoor activities such as class picnics, camps, and study-tours shall be compulsory for all and expenses will be charged from the students.

25. Annual celebration and other such functions in which the parents are invited are expensive and needs special financial support of the parents. On such functions an additional fee will be charged from the parents other than the charges the participants would incur on the costume and special training.

26. The school will organize various functions and celebrations for the enrichment of the students on a regular basis. A small contribution from the parents would be charged for such functions and celebrations (preferably in the beginning of the year) which would not be included in the annual charges, or maintenance charges which the parents must pay annually other than the tuition fee. 27. In order to be in pace with the advancement in the process of teaching and learning, additional facilities would be added to the school curriculum in consultation with the parents. If the majority of the parents opt for such additional facilities, the rest of the parents should also opt for the same. An advance notice mentioning the proposed additional fee for the facility would be sent to all.

28. Just because one child of yours is admitted in the school, it is not bound to give seats to all your other children/or of your relations. 29. Parents/Guardians are welcome to meet the principal from 10:00 a.m. (or on any specified time as per the notification issued) on working days, preferably with a prior appointment to save time and to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

30. Please remember, education also means character formation and we need to discuss the matters with you. As per instructions from the council, value education and character formation need to be given prime importance during a child’s years of schooling. Therefore, henceforth the remarks registered in your child's “Student’s Log Book will also be entered in their Progress Report. We need Parent's co-operation in molding the child's behaviour through open dialogue between the teachers and the parents on days allotted for the P.T.M. (Parents-Teachers Meet).

31. The parents should be prompt to reach the school whenever they are invited either by the Principal or by any staff member. Continuous neglect from the part of the parents to visit the school will be serious violation of the terms and conditions for getting admission in this school. Therefore notice will be served to such parents and if they do not heed they will be asked to withdraw their child.

32. Parents are expected to visit the school in decent and modest attire. Visiting the school and the teaching staff or the Principal in short pants or casual dress which may be offensive, scandalous or considered to be immodest can be a serious offense. Such parents will be issued warning notice at the first instance. If continues to behave against the discipline of the school their intention will be considered as rebellious and the child will be issued T.C.

33. The school management will give due consideration to the decisions of the parents of a student only if both the parents are in agreement with the decision. This is to avoid all possible disputes and litigations later. Therefore all the applications of any request concerning their children should be signed by both the parents. If any contingency arises that one of the parents is unable to sign an application, the necessary and convincing documentary evidence should accompany such application. The Principal of the school will be at liberty to verify the documents presented before him/her prior to granting the request.

34. It is not permitted for a parent to shout at a teacher either privately or in front of the student during the PTM. Such behaviour will be considered as serious indiscipline amounting to criminal offense and legal action will be initiated against such parent.

35. The parents should show due respect to the teachers as they belong to noble families and are engaged in a noble and respectable service to humanity. As human as they are any of their human frailty should not be made use to ridicule or belittle them before the students. Such acts will be considered as serious in-disciplinary behavior from the part of the parents and the concerned teacher will be at liberty to initiate legal action against the offender.

36. Any matter of dispute or clarification with regard to the progress in the study of a student should be discussed with the concerned teacher amicably by the parent; and if the matter is not settled, it should be brought to the knowledge of the Principal in written form. The parent should patiently wait for its written reply from the Principal or for a call from the Principal’s office to discuss the matter.

37. Any unruly behavior of a parent of a student to any staff member of the school (either teaching or nonteaching) will be considered as serious criminal offense and serious legal action will be initiated against such parent.

38. Lack of the knowledge of the law is no justification for its violation. Therefore the parents are requested to thoroughly read and understand or ask someone to explain these rules and regulations, terms and conditions before they take admission of their student in this school.

39. Moral uprightness and respectable social status is expected of every parent who takes admission of their children in this school. The children learn from their parents. The school does not expect a student to misguide another due to his improper upbringing at home by his parents.

40. Parents of those students studying in this school are expected to maintain respectable social status and should avoid getting involved in any criminal activities which will affect the student detrimentally in his life and progress in his studies.

41. The parents are not permitted to shout at the Principal or the staff or behave in a disrespectable manner with an attitude of intimidation which will demoralize the staff and they will not be able to carry on with their duty of guiding their students with tranquility and impartiality.

42. All the parents and visitors to the school are bound to fulfill the security regulations. Any defying of the security regulations will be construed as actions with evil or mala fide intention and the matter will be reported to the police for necessary action.

43. The security guards at the gate are employed to safeguard your children and the entire school staff. The parents should cooperate with the school by their compliance to the security norms. All disputes with the security guards are to be avoided as they are at your service and under the orders from the management for the benefit of your children.

44. The ID cards supplied from the school must be brought along if any of the parents or relatives wishes to meet a child during the school hours. To avoid any mishap to a student the school Principal and the staff will take maximum care not to divulge the identity of a child to any stranger, if he/she does not carry with him/her the identity card supplied from the school.

45. Being an unaided minority educational institution the school enjoys total exemption from the RTE Act, and therefore the students who fail to obtain the required marks for promotion as per the ICSE/CBSE/PSEB/ norms would be detained in the same class and the students will be asked to repeat the year.

46. The tendency of the students to go for private tuition is strongly discouraged; instead they should be encouraged to participate in the remedial classes provided in the school itself. The school teachers shall not engage themselves for private tuition, except with the permission of the Principal.

47. Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) is to be attended by all parents/guardians of the students. Those students whose parents/guardians have not attended the PTM, without getting prior permission from the Principal, due to any unavoidable reasons, will not be allowed to attend the classes unless and until they bring their parents/guardians to the school.

48. Character formation of each student based on universal and eternal values is one of the key motives of the entire school administration. Therefore textbooks on moral science are compulsorily taught in the school. Besides extra instructions based on the booklet,“Hints for Personality development” is regularly imparted to the students.

49. In the progress report, along with the marks for different subjects taught in the school Grade is marked for the personality traits of each student. The parents should show keen interest in the personality development of their children by checking the progress marked in the progress report.

50. The school administration with the cooperation of the parents attempts to impart Strength of Character for every student that joints this institution.

51. The strength of character consists in developing the maximum of the following virtues: 1. Strength of Wisdom and Knowledge (Creativity, Inquisitiveness, Open-mindedness, Love of learning, Counseling perspective) 2. Strength of Courage (Bravery, Persistence/perseverance, Integrity/authenticity/honesty, Vitality). 3. Strength of Humanity (Love that prompts to share and care, Kindness/compassion/altruistic love, Social Intelligence.) 4. Strength of Justice (Citizenship/social responsibility, Fairness/treating everyone without biased decisions, Leadership) 5.Strengths of Temperance (Forgiveness and mercy, Humility/modesty, Prudence, Self-regulation/self-control.) 6. Strengths of Transcendence (Appreciating beauty and excellence and being grateful to the Creator, Gratitude for the good things that happen in life, Hope/optimism/future expectation for the best, Humour/seeing the light side of things, Spirituality/trusting in religious faith. These strengths are explained in the booklet “Hints for personality development”. 52. If anyone, be it a teacher, parent, student or an employee, be found in an inebriated state in the school campus stringent legal action will be initiated against him/her with immediate effect, leading even to the dismissal.

53. While sending letters or making remittance of fee or inquiries, please note the full name (as written in the admission form) of the child. His/her class and Roll Number/Admission No. are very important to enter because there are many students in a class/school with the same name.

54. Parents and guardians are requested to notify the school of any change in their address and phone numbers failing which the communications will only be sent on the present address in the school. The school will not entertain any complaint if one has not obtained the communication.

55. Children with any contagious illness should not be sent to the school until the doctor certifies that he/she is no more a carrier of the illness to another by contact.

56. The parents should not send children who are sick to take the examination during the exams. If the child is sick he/she must remain at home and send a leave application. If a student comes to school to take the examination, he/she will not be sent home before the scheduled time. But however in an emergency the parents will be informed for necessary intervention.

57. The parents should not intentionally withhold from revealing any serious health issue of a child to the Principal or the class teacher. Lack of transparency in such issues can be very much detrimental to the child; instead right information in due time to the school staff will benefit your child.

58. It is strictly forbidden for children to consume Junk food. The parents are requested to supply homemade healthy and hygienic food items as the Tiffin to be brought to the school.

59. Parents must regularly monitor their children; even check their school bag, so that they do not bring to school any items which are forbidden. If any such items are found they will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be taken against the offender.

60. The parents should forbid the children to bring to the school the following items and any other similar items which are in no way related to any school activities without obtaining prior permission; items such as: Fireworks materials, Matches, Expensive toys or Weapons, Valuables, Computer games, Razor, Perfume, Knife, Yoyos, Darts, Sling shots and other potentially dangerous toys.

61. No student should possess any unauthorized sharp instrument or any lethal weapon which is in no way related to the study materials and neither should they bring any contraband items, intoxicants, drugs or anything objectionable to any inmate of the school. If any such material is found in possession of anyone he/she will be suspended from the school with immediate effect, and if the evil intention of the possessor is proved he/she will be debarred from attending this school.

62. The parents should not permit the children to imprint Tattoos on any part of their body and displaying it before others. Such acts are not considered to be conducts of persons with nobility and are considered to be showing disrespect to one’s body.

63. The school will not entertain any anonymous letters; instead every parent is permitted to lodge any of their complaints or suggestions through the suggestion box or through the provided provisions.

64. Any grievance should be conveyed in the written form to the Principal of the school in the first instance. If the grievance could not be settled by the Principal it should be brought to the notice of the Director of the school. Only those issues which could not be settled locally should be brought to the Chairman of the Diocesan Board of Education at Jalandhar. The decision of the Chairman should be respected as full and final.

65. An appeal against the decision of the Chairman may be filed before the President of the registered society within thirty days of the receipt of the copy of the decision. After the expiry of thirty days, if no appeal was made, the matter will be disposed of and the decision will be considered as full and final.

66. The decision taken by the office bearers of the Diocese of Jalandhar in the capacity of the office being held will not have any personal repercussion on him during his office or after relinquishing the office. The society as a juridical person will be responsible for all the decisions of its office bearers.