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Toy Room

Toys are more than just fun and games for kids. Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. The best toys engage a child's senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. Our School has a spacious Toy room for toddlers. Toddlers can play with a wider variety of toys than they did when they were smaller.. The same blocks they played with a year or two ago can provide them with new and different educational opportunities as their knowledge expands. But they also need toys that are designed with kids their age in mind. Shape sorters are great for toddlers. They teach them how to match similar items. St. Jude's Convent School, Nakodar provide an opportunity to learn more about colors and symmetry while they develop their motor skills and when your child finds an educational toy he/she really likes, he/she will be more likely to play with it, reinforcing the things he/she has learned